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Books, swords, and tweed.

26 November 1965
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Buffy Geek Code

Rupert Giles is Librarian Love

Giles/Xander is Love

I've been reading fanfic off and on for a while, but it wasn't until watching Buffy for the first time a couple years ago that I became moved to write it. It's all about Giles for me, though I'll take off down the Holmes and Watson path now and then. I'm also suffering from the temptation to write crossovers with Doctor Who.

Dead writers about whom I am maniacal: Arthur Conan-Doyle, Dorothy Sayers, Patrick O'Brian, Raymond Chandler, Jane Austen, John Galsworthy.
Living writers whose books I buy the instant they're available, even in hardcover although I have no space for more hardcovers: Iain M. Banks, Steven Brust, Steven Saylor, Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett.

I usually friend back if we've talked before or if it looks like we've got things in common. I tend not to refriend ghost journals. But it hardly matters, because I friend-lock very little these days, on principle. If I friended you and haven't talked to you before, it's because I find you interesting to read and want to make sure I keep up with you. You can friend me back or not as you like. 'Sall okay.

Icon & banner resource credits live in these posts. The background image cycles, but often features manips by wickedfox. Colorbars by lostgirlslair. LJ Layout is Aperture by spire.

Emergency info in the first post.

Fanfiction disclaimer

The universes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who belong to their respective creators and copyright holders, not to me. I claim no ownership nor am I profiting from these works of fiction.

See this policy post for my feelings on continuations of stories and so on. I'll summarize it here: Have fun! Write! Archive, save stories, share them, remix, continue, write in the universe of, whatever you like. Don't claim you wrote what you didn't write yourself, and that goes for what I wrote as well as for the canonical sources. A link to my definitive story archive is appreciated.