Holmes/Watson forward


It's not noon yet, and I already know today will be decent.

Self to dentist! Done!
Car to oil changers! Done!
Kitten to vet later this afternoon, for her first immunizations. Done!
Lush bath goodies will allegedly be delivered today. Done!
Working from home, in the quiet, surrounded by pets! Kitten drew blood!
Coworker has requested easy modification to an interface to allow him to do something; modification suggests an overall interface cleanup that will be worthwhile. In progress!

Giles/Xander No One Knows ficathon signups now. Due two weeks after the end of NaNoWriMo. Dare I sign up? The required fic is short... Yeah, I'll do it. Done!
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Right now my big accomplishment is successfully staving off the temptation to take a bath. Because, you know, many cakes of nice-smelling things that look edible. And I started reading Mary Renault's The king must die while waiting for the oil change, and I'd like to be able to read more instead of writing teh codez...

How is the library today? Busy or un?
So far I am 100% with you! And now perhaps I will leave for vet with kitten slightly early, so as to be able to sit in waiting room and read a bit without feeling guilty.
The user population isn't terribly high, but the maintenance index for a large proportion of the users is. When the first entrants at opening time were a quintet of lady genealogists on a day trip... I knew we were in for Rather A Day. Repeat genealogists are low-maintenance, but the first-timers usually need lots of handholding.

It's been a long day.
I hope that busy day is now over in your timezone, and you are now doing something self-indulgent involving at least one of the following: nice-smelling things, bubbles, books, tea, music, friends, an absence of amateur genealogists.
Aw, thanks for the good wishes! The long workday had a long sequel in the form of a shift at the food co-op, but I am now home in my bathrobe, having had a Lush-ious shower with Sonic Death Monkey shower gel and Buffy skin conditioner. *floops happily*