Watson likely stories

Which story?

Two weeks, more or less, before NaNoWriMo starts, and it's all about the Watcher/Slayer bond story. I figure I have time to finish one thing before I need to set everything aside. Because I have a somewhat horrible need to write to please the (tiny) crowds...

I've only listed stuff that I have some prayer of finishing in the available time.

Poll #844294 Two weeks. One story. Which one?

Which story should I work on next?

Be practical. Concentrate on the plan for that Christian Watcher/Slayer bond story you claim you'll be writing for NaNoWriMo.
Look, you irresponsible doofus, you have your cya_ficathon assignment to work on. And that's Giles/Xander!
That Reconnection cliffhanger was really mean.
Ars Draconis. Giles + sword = sex.
Post-Grave hurt/comfort, the one you said was all newage crystals and stuff. Mmm, h/c. Plus I hear it turns out to be Giles/Buffy.
You keep claiming that part one of Tradition & Protocol is nearly finished. Mmm, tattoos and leather.
Hey, didn't you have a great idea for the story of how Giles & Ethan met for the first time, at that party Ethan mentions in "Breaking Glass"? Mmm, first-time canonical slash.
What was that thing you mentioned about arch, knowing Wesley, doing something really sneaky to manipulate Buffy and Willow into letting him watch them? And wasn't Giles involved in that, somehow? Some fantasy of Wesley's with a necktie or something?
No, I haven't forgotten the Tarot card story. Poke!

No, no. You need to write this instead.

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It's either reply or edit. But I got into the habit on my own real-life programmer geek blog, in which I would have entire conversations with myself. Different conventions over there. (No comment threading, for instance, because when I wrote my wiki/blog software I didn't think comment threading was a good idea. Shrug.)

I'm not sure which one I'll get fired up on. Over coffee this morning I made some progress on the post-Grave h/c (which does have a title).
Well, I noticed you could checkbox every option. I considered it because hey, writing is art-> art is motivation-> motivation always has its own ideas about what you should do....
But then I figured I'd be kind. IMHO you really should do the ficathon first...
*wimper* Too many choices! Too many things I'd love to read! How am I supposed to decide what to vote for?
I promise all of them eventually. You just gotta pick the one you want most in the next two weeks.
can it be either/or?
I wanna know what happens next in "Reconnection" but I really, really like "Ars Draconis", and I don't think I'm allowed to vote twice, right?

What if I mill around a lot -- I'm a person of significant stature [sadly, I am undertall, however] and could perhaps reassure you that the crowd anticipating your next effort is not at all tiny....

Re: can it be either/or?
It's a checkmark poll instead of a pick-one-only poll for a reason! Vote for whats yas likes.
Why I vote for Reconnection
Been waiting an awfully long time for this--the Dragon thing was cool, but mean, soulless Willow and Buffy/Giles goodness does it for me. Also, I have had a week from Hell dealing with Doctors, Insurance, Federal Government, and Lawyers and frankly, I'm lucky to have skin left after all these encounters. I was actually on hold for over 5 hours at one point. I need B/G goodness. If I worked at the Post Office, I'd be picking out guns by now.