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Which Lush?

So, right. My supply of Lush bath things is running low. I have half a Butterball left, and that's it! My question to you, oh Lush-enabling flisters: which bath-ish Lush should go into my next order? Ma Bar, check. Hot Milk, check. What else?

Note that I have enough soap to keep me scrubbed for years to come. It's just the fizzy/bubbly/colorful bath stuff I'm low on.

I am logged in via the new LJ Jabber thingie. Wish they'd introduced this a few months ago. It would have spared me getting new AIM & Yahoo ids. My copy of Adium is set up with seven IM accounts right now, across the whole darn spectrum of protocols.

"Breaking Glass" part 2 is off to beta. I need to not think about it for a couple of days.

I wore a BPAL dragon's blood scent today, and was compelled to re-read what I have written of Ars Draconis.

Not sure what to work on next. I think I need something a bit fun and short-ish. Or it's time to start planning the novel for next month.
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