Which Lush?

So, right. My supply of Lush bath things is running low. I have half a Butterball left, and that's it! My question to you, oh Lush-enabling flisters: which bath-ish Lush should go into my next order? Ma Bar, check. Hot Milk, check. What else?

Note that I have enough soap to keep me scrubbed for years to come. It's just the fizzy/bubbly/colorful bath stuff I'm low on.

I am logged in via the new LJ Jabber thingie. Wish they'd introduced this a few months ago. It would have spared me getting new AIM & Yahoo ids. My copy of Adium is set up with seven IM accounts right now, across the whole darn spectrum of protocols.

"Breaking Glass" part 2 is off to beta. I need to not think about it for a couple of days.

I wore a BPAL dragon's blood scent today, and was compelled to re-read what I have written of Ars Draconis.

Not sure what to work on next. I think I need something a bit fun and short-ish. Or it's time to start planning the novel for next month.
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Am trying the Avobath. Will report in full. I went a little nuts and got one of a number of things I've never tried before. Usually I stick to a couple each of things I know I like. This time, no repeats.
Well, let me consult my handy Lush Times here...

I have not yet tried any of the fizzy-bubbly-melty things, so this is just what-I-lust-for:

Waving-not-Drowning ballistic

Green Day or Sunny Side bubble bars

Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar (I think this one needs to appear in a Buffy/Giles fic... I have mentioned this to glimmergirl)

Fair Trade Foot Lotion (mmm peppermint)

*goes to investigate Jabber*

Did you enjoy your butterball? Just curious because it's a huge favourite, and I didn't much care for it.

Anyway, Hot Milk is so good! I didn't try it for ages 'cos of bad reviews, but i got a sample of it and yum!

My other faves are Sex Bomb (way so good), very strong and sensuous and womanly, and Blackberry, which doesn't so much smell like blackberries as a berry-ish earl grey tea. The bergimot really comes through and it's both relaxing and refreshing (this is my fave bath bomb, i think...okay, fave varies by day, but currently, this is it!).

Bubble bars: I really recommend green day. However, it smells a lot like men's cologne and is very if you're absolutely opposed to smelling manly, I wouldn't recommend it. It's very "green" smelling tho'...altho' not pine-tree green...more mossy green.

I do NOT recommend the comforter or two timing tart. Neither of these had very strong smells (as in I couldn't smell them AT ALL). Also creamy candy. Smells good and moisturising!

Now, onto luxury bath melts. Really, the only one I'd suggest is ceridwen's cauldron: it's so decadent and good for the skin. There's nothing like rubbing expensive oatmeal all over your body...and I mean that in a good way!

*is way too lush!happy*

The only luxury bath melt I'd recommend is ceridwen's. The rest are too costly for what they do...instead, drop in a chunk of massage bar to your bath; same result but more cost-effective!

Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to go up to the city this weekend, but I see I'm a bit late on the draw.
I like avobath, and big blue during the rainy days in winter. And of course butterball tops my list cause that's the one that started it all for me. (We walked past the Denman location on our honeymoon and I tried one in the hotel.) As far as the bubblies, I like amandopando but every other one I really enjoyed got discontinued. I could be a reverse tester for them or something.
Darn, I'd have been totally temptable for an SF Lush trip, too. Now I would just feel guilty about buying more. Especially because, cough, there was a BPAL update with all the Christmas scents and I just had to try "13" and... Um.