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How predictable am I?

I just listened to a new-to-me recording, LCD Soundsystem by LCD Soundsystem. I generally liked it, but one track grabbed me hard and made it into my current writing playlist after the very first listen. This track is "Great Release". So I did some rummaging around the net to find out if this man/band/whatever has done more. And look what I discovered:
"An ode to Brian Eno, “Great Release” concludes LCD Soundsystem’s debut full-length with all the pomp and majesty it deserves." ( * )

"And even better is the record’s closer, the aptly titled “Great Release,” which sounds like the last reverberation from Brian Eno’s echo chamber at full blast—the music would draw comparisons to Eno without Murphy’s vocals, but it’s his spot-on approximation of the ambient legend’s voice that makes the song such a successful pastiche." ( * )

"But instead, we get a proper, old-fashioned, album closer, in the beguiling, optimistic, 'Great Release'. 'The last song on an album should erase an album enough so you can put it back on and listen to it again. My favourite last song of all time is Eno's Here Come The Warm Jets. There's so much Eno in 'Great Release'. To a certain degree I'm a pretty nihilistic person. I don't believe in much except the tangible. But I'm pretty optimistic despite that. I don't have much fear of death. I wanted to make an ending song that was uplifting.'" ( * )
Yeah, okay, I get it. Yes, I'm a sucker for early Eno. Yes, the track is in fact modern electronic dance crossed with "Here come the warm jets". Yes yes yes my buttons are very obvious and easily pushed.

ETA: You could give it a listen the traditional way or streamed from his site then buy the record if you like it. Though there isn't enough of the song in the streamed version for any development.
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