Giles/Xander 2

And furthermore

I neglected to sign up for the maleslashminis Xander round. And I meant to. Got busy at work through the afternoon. Darn it. Oh well. I suppose I shouldn't really sign up for more things until I finish part 2 of "Breaking Glass", which I owe to mireille719. I made good progress on it this weekend, despite all the blither here. It's close to a complete revised draft. It changed quite a bit from the first draft, and I'm very glad I took the extra week for it.

Also: Two kitten photos for your enjoyment, courtesy of nemaihne's hubby's spare digicam.
Stubby Legs Destroy the alpaca!

The Cat is terrified of the alpaca fur segment depicted. The Kitten, who is Fearless, knows that it is prey to be dismantled. And carried around the house triumphantly, because this Kitten is a Kitten Who Moves Objects Around. I caught her dragging my raccoon stuffie around. And the raccoon is bigger than she is. Also: note how stubby her legs are.

Maybe I'm jaded or something. She's adorable and I therefore adore her and am a slave to her every whim, but there's nothing particularly special about the way she looks. But I have now fulfilled my duty.
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I would be completely in thrall too - she's absolutely adorable! And I showed these to Mr. katekat1010 and got the "AWWWW. Very cute!" response, so you know that's always good if kittens can melt the heart of the intrepid Mr.

What is it about cats and alpaca? Felix (the one that owns us) went absolutely insane when I got Mr. Katekat1010 an alpaca teddy bear - we had to put it in the closet for safekeeping!
Bishonen is terrified of the alpaca blanket from which this piece fell. He won't go near it. This kitten, on the other hand, is going to go insane if I ever let her near the full blanket. The alpaca must die! And be eaten!

Did you know that a pack of kittens can skeletonize an alpaca in 2 minutes flat?
Indeed. That scrap of alpaca fur is the only piece of the alpaca we were able to rescue. The first sign we had that something was wrong was a bray from the paddock, but by then it was too late. The kittens had already swarmed and brought it down. Two minutes later, bloody bones and scraps of fur were all that remained.

The kittens move on to terrorize the Andes for a decade before they were finally stopped in a violent confrontation that cost the lives of three good men. But that's another story.

And speaking of other stories, have now read your B/G and am cogitating on my feedback. Today or tomorrow or somethin'.
The kittens move on to terrorize the Andes for a decade before they were finally stopped in a violent confrontation that cost the lives of three good men. But that's another story.

isn't it always? *GRIN*

Today or tomorrow or somethin'.

oooo! goodie! i look forward to it whenever!
Mina says she likes you much better than me, because you appreciate her more and will obviously feed her a better sort of cat food. At least, that's what I translate from "asu90adsu90kl555555555555555555", which is what she just typed.

I believe she was attempting to author a peer-to-peer file sharing app at the time.
reporting for duty....
Your beta happily awaits your draft, should you feel the least inclined to nudge it my way.

In this I am, of course, wholly self-serving and makin' no bones about it. I have so enjoyed being part of this story's growth, even if I'm just the set dresser or greens keeper or whatever. [They don't have a credit for "ruins wrangler" do they? hmm.... or hey: res-Tor-ation specialist! Or maybe not.]

I quite understand if you want to send it elsewhere, of course. I'm just so happy that I'll get to read it soon, regardless. [soon < February, which is for me, right quick given all that you have on your plate.]
Re: reporting for duty....
You you you... sputter... you have already been so amazingly helpful with this story. I'll be overjoyed to have you read this next part, in a more relaxed atmosphere than the last high-speed read.

Not quite ready though. And I'll want to take a day to sit and stare at it. Print it out and read it in the bath, sort of thing.
oh, good, taking time for craftsmanship
Isn't it nice to take the time with a bit of writing? A bit of soaking, a bit of chocolate, some additional sleep [perchance to dream], a moment of clarity, tweak here, tweak there, put a touch in there, prune that suspect bit over there.

The process is to be savored as the made thing is savored, for its own sake. And when one sees a thing made by one who did the savoring, it truly shows, in all media.

I believe in slow food. I believe in ripeness. There are things well worth the wait. This will be one of them.
Oh, my goodness, she's adorable! The black lioness! I can totally believe that she owns the house. ;-) Thanks for posting the pix!
She is currently chewing on my toes. Do I have the will to resist? No, I do not. I am a total sap.
I had one of those sheepskin rugs for years. Then, my previous dog, Gaius Sulspicious Cato, found it. I noticed it was getting shorter and shorter and he was constipated. I took him to the vet and he had massive amounts of wool in his digestive tract. Little beast. I had to get rid of the rug. He pooped furry for a week.
Dogs! We had to rescue the alpaca chunk from the Stupider Dog, to tell the truth. The nice thing about cats is that they don't have the mouths to chew up stuff like that. If they were so stupid as to do so.