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And furthermore

I neglected to sign up for the maleslashminis Xander round. And I meant to. Got busy at work through the afternoon. Darn it. Oh well. I suppose I shouldn't really sign up for more things until I finish part 2 of "Breaking Glass", which I owe to mireille719. I made good progress on it this weekend, despite all the blither here. It's close to a complete revised draft. It changed quite a bit from the first draft, and I'm very glad I took the extra week for it.

Also: Two kitten photos for your enjoyment, courtesy of nemaihne's hubby's spare digicam.
Stubby Legs Destroy the alpaca!

The Cat is terrified of the alpaca fur segment depicted. The Kitten, who is Fearless, knows that it is prey to be dismantled. And carried around the house triumphantly, because this Kitten is a Kitten Who Moves Objects Around. I caught her dragging my raccoon stuffie around. And the raccoon is bigger than she is. Also: note how stubby her legs are.

Maybe I'm jaded or something. She's adorable and I therefore adore her and am a slave to her every whim, but there's nothing particularly special about the way she looks. But I have now fulfilled my duty.
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