Not that I was an addict

No, no no, not me. It's been 11 months since I last logged on. But holy crap, the South Park WOW episode rocks, rocks, rocks. Blizz must have done a lot to help them.
OMG!! I just watched it yesterday morning and was dying laughing!!! So happy someone else on the flist caught it!
The really scary thing: the writers got it dead bang right. They either really play themselves, or consulted with people who play. That little grouse about the mage's spec... HA! Just what it was like doing teamspeak in a raiding guild.

I was #2 officer in the top raiding guild on a little RP server. It was a wonderful challenge to take a bunch of decent people with no raiding experience and turn them into the a cohesive group that was the first one the server to kill Rags. A total herding-cats management challenge: 40 people, most of whom have not met each other, must learn to place very specific roles. Once I helped do that, I looked around and said... uh... now what? Not fun anymore, and I seem to have sacrificed my life to this. Fuck it! Yanked the cable out of the computer and have not fired up the client since.
I'm a WoW addictee. I've been playing the game every day for over a year now (since July 2005)--sad as that may seem to some. South Park just got it right on the money. I was laughing so hard I almost pee'd!!! LOL!!! This was a great eppie.

Btw, if anyone wants a 10-day free trial to WoW to see what it's all about, just leave me a comment on my LJ's latest post. I have 5 to give away.
I still have my sub. I keep thinking maybe with the expansion, maybe. Um. But no more high-end raiding. It was killing me. I had the raids scheduled in iCal. Exactly like work...

I subbed on release day. How much of a geek am I?
I know exactly what you mean. I am "signed up" for a guild raid of ZG tonight! I have to be there, I'm committed. (or need to be 'committed'!!! lol!)