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Today's project

Okay, I've decided what today's project is going to be. It's definitely in the "ruin your life by not working on any of the existing required projects you have" category. But also in the "will lift the tedium of existence while keeping over-active brain soothed" category.

I'm gonna write a little Ruby On Rails app for tracking my BPAL scents & opinions. I really ought to be writing it in one of the new Python web app frameworks, since I like Python about a hundred times better than Ruby. But hey, Ruby is nicely Smalltalky and not all that bad, and Rails is pleasant to work in. To satisfy urges toward language nazidom, I'll write the initial data import script (from Nattie's Excel spreadsheet) in Python.

Though, argh, it's really time for me to learn a new programming language, since I haven't done so yet this year. I had been thinking about one of the functional languages, like Haskell, but I cannot imagine that writing a web app sans framework in a language like that would be any fun. (Assuming there's even an sqlite library for it.)

Yes, geek geek. I know. But it's half of who I am.
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I understood no part of that except "computer language" and "BPAL". However, it was enough for me to assume whatever you are talking about is something I'll find infinitely amusing.
Yeah, actually, it might be! A web app for browsing bpal scent descriptions & recording which ones I like and which ones I own as imps & which ones as bottles. And so on.
Phase 1 complete: I now have an sqlite database with the BPAL scent data in it. I might need to reimport to handle character encoding issues, but that will be a simple revision to the python import script. Most of the time was spent building the latest versions of all the tools.

Phase 2 begins: spewing a lot of Ruby on Rails model classes. Because they are maniacal about their Model/View/Controller design patterns...
Geek question-- how hard is Python to learn? I've taught myself enough Perl to be dangerous, and to stay employed. But a new print processing software our company just bought uses Python for some of its behind the scenes stuff. it's a schizophenic mess, actually, but I might want to get in there and design some stuff that will work with it outside its exceptionally stupid interface and pseudo language rules.

I have the vague idea that Perl and Python are cousins, with python designed more for web apps. But I could be wrong about that.....

Looks like I have python loaded on the OS X -- so I could play with it if I got a book. in my infinite spare time, of course.

Python is in the same general language category as Perl: a high-level scripting language. It's an improvement over Perl, in that it has much cleaner syntax and tends to promote much more readable code. (Perl is often criticized as being a "write once" language that promotes unmaintainable code.) Python is very easy to learn. I would class it as an excellent language for first-time programmers. But it scales upward to more complex projects wonderfully, and has a nice approach to object-oriented programming.

Google's two favorite languages are Python & C++, and they recently hired the guy who is Python's main architect; that should tell ya somethin'.

Highly recommended.
Ooooh! I'm excited to hear that as someone who *used* to be employed with the evil empire neglected to get me a excel or access on my 'puter. Unfamiliar with rails. Will this app run on an inferior platform like, say, those originated in Medford?
Ooooh, and I just realized it's my hit on the kitten drabble. ::Hangs head in shame::
Actually, that went pretty well
I have a Rails app with all the BPAL scents, my review info, and other stuff in it. Now it's all user interface work. And web design to make it not look horrible. Which, I gotta tell you, is how it looks right now. Total ass.

I feel a lot cheerfuller.