Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Today's high-tech kitten toy

A roll of paper towels. It can be seized with the front paws and kicked with the rear, while one practices biting ferociously. Sections can be ripped off and dragged all over the house, and eventually shredded. The shredded bits are fun, too.

Also fun: the dogs' rawhide strips. All dog toys, in fact.

The Kitten is entirely fearless. This was not the case with the Cat. He was a feral kitten and hadn't entirely gotten used to humans when we adopted him. We hand-fed him until he decided we were okay, but he never became fully convinced that other humans were not out to turn him into sausage. A new object inside the house is an object to view with suspicion. To this kitten, it's another potential toy. She arrived already knowing where buttered bread came from, and confident that we would provide it on demand.
Tags: life

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