watcher green

Brain mostly refreshed

Today I engaged in no serious thought. I ate a lot of chocolate. I met wide_rider and her newly-ordained Lutheran pastor mom in Berkeley. We went up the campanile; we ate and drank chocolate thingies; we talked motorcycles; I talked her into a new and frightening step in story-writing: the PLAN. I read a huge chunk of sweetdoggie's long series rewrite, "The Assistant". I hung out on the couch with the spouse. I engaged in no deep thought.

I think the batteries have recharged following the prolonged drain on them that was the weekend and Monday.

Tomorrow I tackle "Breaking Glass" part 2: in which things become interesting, and points are proven, and Giles makes choices. Complete draft exists, but it is conceptually confused and needs coherence.

When I'm writing things like this, I wish I had more actual lit'ry eddication. My reading is so patchy.
I had a great time yesterday!!! I am so glad we met! Just sorry that my Mom talked your ear off. Well, have to do it again - with no parental units allowed. :-P

Glad to have given you an excuse to take a (seemingly) much needed day off. :-)

Heh, yeah, we'll do that again. Maybe with 50% more motorcycles. Or rollercoasters?

I liked your mom a lot, though. She's interesting, and is doing a great thing with her life right now.
what is this lit'ry education you speak of? i've got gaping holes and ... heck, craters. there's just NOT enough time in the world, seriously. but have faith, you've got more method and more things guiding you than most writers out there.
Maybe this is silly. I sort of have this view that if I'd read, say, what Shakespeare I have read in a college class with intelligent people to talk about it with instead of on my own, I might have done a better job of internalizing it. A guided tour through stuff, instead of my own haphazard tour.

Typical autodidact's worry, probably.
ah, ok, that does makes sense (and i did take the cowards way out and went back to college for that very same reason). and i think is part of the recent trend for bookclubs....
I had a double major in college--History/English with a minor in Spanish. Read tons of stuff and have just barely touched the surface. Have to admit, I did dip into the cliff notes for Don Quixote. I just couldn't get through that for love or money. I've seen Shakespeare performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company when they were on tour. I've read the plays--I'm just an uncultured person though, because I'd rather read a fantasy novel than Shakespeare. (And am currently reading Robin Hobb's new book called Shaman's Crossing.) I have a theory about reading--read what you feel in the mood for. Don't force yourself to read something else because it just ruins it. If something interests you, you'll come back for more.
I just bought the first book in that new Robin Hobb series! I liked her Fool series quite a bit. Also on my list: the latest Lois McMaster Bujold to hit paperback, The Hallowed Hunt. Started reading it the other day, then became distressed by a sequence of exposition-dump dialog. I know I'll finish it and enjoy it anyway.
I reviewed the Assassin books for Voya or Kliatt--can't remember which magazine as I was writing for both of them for a few years. I liked them too. I liked Bujold's first book in the Barryar series which I can't remember the name of right now--it was the romance between Captain Naismith and the Butcher of Barryar. Shards of Honor, that was it. I loved that story. Don't care much for the stories about Miles. Haven't read her fantasy series. I also picked up an interesting-looking book called Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. I'll let you know how that one goes.