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Gratuitious iTunes playlist post

I didn't write to this (can't write to music with singing, mostly), but here's a bit of a Buzzcocks-heavy soundtrack for Giles and Ethan. Giles likes the bellbottomed cockrock, but Ethan has more alternative tastes, and he won out.

Robert Fripp / "You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette" / Exposure : 02:24
The Buzzcocks / "Orgasm Addict" / Singles Going Steady : 02:02
Brian Eno / "Seven Deadly Finns" / Vocal Box : 03:10
The Pretenders / "Tattooed Love Boys" / Pretenders : 02:59
Pete Townshend / "Rough Boys" / Empty Glass : 04:02
The Buzzcocks / "Love You More" / Singles Going Steady : 01:49
The Pretenders / "Message of Love" / Pretenders II : 03:28
Brian Eno / "I'll Come Running" / Dali's Car : 04:45
Elton Motello / "Jet Boy Jet Girl" / Jet Boy Jet Girl : 03:10
Nick Lowe / "I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" / Pure Pop For Now People : 03:12
The Buzzcocks / "Autonomy" / Singles Going Steady : 03:43
The Buzzcocks / "Why Can't I Touch It?" / Singles Going Steady : 06:34
Brian Eno / "Energy Fools The Magician" / Before And After Science : 02:07
David Bowie / ""Heroes"" / Heroes : 06:10
PiL / "Rise" / Compact Disc : 06:05
Underworld / "Born slippy NUXX" / Born Slippy : 04:21
The Buzzcocks / "I Believe" / A Different Kind Of Tension/Singles Going Steady : 07:08
The Buzzcocks / "What Do I Get?" / Singles Going Steady : 02:53
The Faces / "Ooh La La" / Ooh La La : 03:28

Running time: 01:13:30

This version of "I'll come running" is an early radio performance with salacious lyrics, not the rather sweet love song of Another green world. Yeah, I know, exactly 0 of you are enough into Brian Eno to know the song at all. The Nick Lowe is lyrically appropriate, but a bit out of place in sound. For Lowe as well as this mix. Hmm.

Tricky trying to put these things together with just my own collection.

In closing: is there anything as terrifying as the sight of a kitten with her head in your coffee cup? This kitten did not need caffeine. And now I get myself in gear so I can make it to Berkeley by 1pm to meet an LJ friend in person for the first time!
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