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For some reason I'm using Textmate to write this project. It's really a code editor, not a fiction writer's tool. But I haven't been happy with any of the writing project tools I've tried. None of them have been good enough at the core text editing part. I had been using the trusty old BBEdit, but switched to Textmate once I split the thing up into separate files. Textmate's tabs are just too nifty.

I never ever ever ever write fiction with word processor software. I do not want to even think about formatting and fonts and junk like that while writing. It's just distraction. See?

The work environment

No distractions!

I also found time today to re-read parts of "Shadow though it be". The reaction I had this time was a little different than my reaction the first time. (Though I did once again think it was too Gaudy-Night-ish, but mostly just solid writing.) I was mainly thinking about it from an SF perspective. Which, I will grant, is probably not how its author thought about it, so maybe it's unfair. But mostly what I thought was roughly this: Okay, many worlds hypothesis; there are going to be many dimensions with the Buffy story as reality. Why is the main character so freaked about messing with the timeline of this one? Why is she so convinced there's only one? Offer me an explanation of why this is so, and then I stop being frustrated with the delicacy displayed by the main character.

Put me in the Buffy universe with knowledge of the whole series timeline, and I can't not try to prevent pain and suffering. I'd need a damn good reason for letting those poor people go through the stupidities that were seasons 6 & 7.
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