Holmes/Watson forward

Icon goal met

I made icons and entered a contest! They did not win, but that's okay. I met my goal, which was to learn how to do it. And I learned that it's harder than it looks. Here are my three icons, in the order I made them:

I made some more and entered another contest, but that one is still in progress.
I like the angel one. Reminds me of a fic I once read where Giles turns into a demon? But it's like he's an angel....Hmmmm, I'll have to go look it up now....
"He's No Angel", by... ur, Jolene? (Sorry, have stupid encyclopedia memory for trivia of this kind.)
Pfft, please dont apologize! That was gonna drive me ten kinds of crazy if I couldn't think of it!
You are brilliant at cropping to show the relationships among characters, I think. The icons I love best by you show two characters interacting. Like this one. And the one you used for your comment. And I've also seen that in some of your B/W icons.
My Icon-making attempt failed. I'm going to have to read the directions. Or maybe not. I'm not really all that interested in making them, just wanted to give it a try. I like the tea one best too. He looks like there might be something floating in his cup.