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What I have done so far today

See if you can detect what's not on the list:

Sniffed BPAL.

Fed the kitten at least twice already.

Put away CDs and DVDs. Onto actual shelves.

Ordered the stack of books at my end of the living room couch, which the kitten had thoughtfully scattered.

Installed a half terabyte SATA drive into my desktop Mac, aka the file server. I have no joke here; I just like saying half terabyte.

Cleaned my desk in our shared office, throwing out a whole lot of crap, putting other crap away. Wiped everything down to clear off the dust.

Into the space made, set up the new laser printer hubby just came home with, to replace the decade-old now-non-functional laser printer.

No, wait, here it is: wrote about 2000 words of story. But that counts last night's progress. Every word is utter junk, though. Not at all what I had in mind for the tone and style of this story. Argh.
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