The hot trend in kitten toys

The boss kitten toy for fall is the empty 12-pack Coke can box, the sort you put in your fridge to dispense cans from the end. This toy has two kitten play modes:

1. The kitten lurks inside, popping out to terrorize nearby dogs. Also, dogs can be lured into sticking their heads (if small) or their muzzles (if large) inside to explore strangely-wiggling boxes.

2. The box itself is a toy that can be smacked with a paw and slid around on a hardwood floor. High speeds can be attained by a dedicated kitten.
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My brother grows his own catnip--nothing funnier than to see a cat high on kitty dope running around chasing their tail. If the Coke box ever fails to amuse, paper sacks are also endlessly amusing, plus they have a rustle factor that is quite nice.
Mina is adorable, a poster child for kittens everywhere. It's especially great to see her playing with the dogs, completely fearless. She decided this morning that my nose needed extreme licking.
Hee! that is so cute! I'm not sure sassy could use mode 1, tho'...she's a bit too fat to fit in a box that size, lol.

mode 2 definitely sounds like fun for all, tho' :)

I really want to like kittens, I do. Am horrifically allergic, though. As a defense mechanism, I tell myself I hate cats, but really, they are too adorable!
the joy of boxes for beasties
Alex LOVES boxes: first s/he [don't know which] chews a hole in the side to become an auxillary entrance or window, then the bird goes right inside and begins shredding the interior for nesting material. I tend to stuff boxes with toilet paper rolls, smaller boxes, etc. to keep Alex busy for longer.

There comes a moment in life when you know you are no longer in charge when you select your eggs according to which cartons are the most favored bird chew toys [paper pulp, not styrofoam or clear plastic]. And your friends bring you their empty t.p. and paper towel rolls as a matter of course, and when new phone books come out, a whole pile of old ones magically appears on by the kitchen door by from everyone who knows how much Zane loves to reduce them to itty bitty confetti. He is my Official Confidential Documents Handler.

In grad school I kept a gerbil. When I got back dissertation chapters from my asshole advisor, I would skim his remarks and then drop the draft into the cage. Twenty minutes later it was bedding, and I felt better.

Have you given Mina a tuna can to lick clean yet?