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I have an entire bar of very nice chocolate courtesy of Mr P. (Man, it's so weird to call him that here. I have an entire series of nicknames for him, ranging from plays on his last name to absurd endearments. None of them involve variations on a name I used to play an online shooter with, taken from an absurd much-studied gene mutation in drosophila. Hubby asked me the other day why people are "leaving off my feet". I said, huh? oh!)

But I digress. Back to the chocolate.

I have a whole bar, as I was saying, but I'm only gonna eat one piece right now. Anybody else want some?
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oh dear lord, please....
After two hours of cutting and scraping and fighting to dig out decades of moldy caulking in our miserable upstairs tub so I can re-caulk it in time of the open house on Sunday, after sanding the sheet rock repairs, priming and painting the whole room and rehanging the medicine cabinet and lights, I would surely use some Chocolate.

Got flocks of Dementors circling here. The mediator called and said the spousal unit had said "no" to the most recent counteroffer on my part, which officially means he is contradicting himself. Because he is stalling. And his lawyer is jerking him around because in this state he's an easy mark. In the end his behavior is sabatoge, and it could well cost me my new house and hugely postpone my escape to the new life I have worked so hard to find and make manifest.

Apologies for spilling despair all over. I'll shut up now and go practice my Patronus spell. I am going to need more than just chocolate to get through this one.
Re: oh dear lord, please....
Chocolate goes great with coffee (for this time of the morning) or whisky (for the hour at which you posted last night).
Re: oh dear lord, please....
Yes, it does, but sadly I don't do coffee or whiskey. I love bread and chocolate together, though. And my friend in Halifax brought me back a large tin of French drinking chocolate -- which is like runny mousee more that it is like American hot cocoa. I am thinking that today, to celebrate the temporary departure of the Annoyance and to counteract the workload and the rain, I will have a cup of very high octane drinking chocolate.

Plus I got some chocolate empathy from Hob, which helps, too. having LJ is already a glyph of warding against the darkness. I should have done this sooner.

Re: oh dear lord, please....
I am also off the whisky and off the coffee (caffeinated, at least). Okay, let's have a nice cup of hot chocolate together, then.
I have no idea what "72% cocoa" is supposed to mean, but the package displays the number prominently so it must be good, right? *breaks off a chunk for you*

(been having dreadful reply-link difficulties this morning, possibly because of insufficient coffee)
Um, I guess this means were not meeting at the campus? And what's this "where I'm taking you" business? That wasn't the deal.

Same plan as before, but with more chocolate later on! Meet at the Campanile, do the ride up to look at the view, then descend and perhaps get chokkit in liquid form. Or not. Perhaps instead we will feel like doing something else. But you know, there's a chokkit possibility.