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Used book store haul

Have just come back from coffee + book trip. Down the street from my office are three coffee shops and one used book store. We sold a bunch of books to the store a while back, or rather, traded them in for store credit. There's a lot of credit on our account still. Oof. Anyway, haul was:

Dorothy Dunnet, The game of kings and Queen's play
Anthony Trollope, The warden and Barchester Towers, omnibus edition

Walked back to the office reading the first Dunnet, in a pleasurable return to childhood habit. I used to walk to and from school reading. It's a wonder I was never run over.

When I arrived in my office I was immediately buttonholed about the latest user interface disaster for the project I'd like to be finished with so that I can work on the next thing. But alas. Probably another few weeks of crash development on this one. Remind me to rant sometime about how stupid cell carrier companies are.

Tonight I will begin work on my assignment for this round of maleslashminis. My assignment is Giles/Ethan, which I've never written before, though I consider it to be semi-canonical. I have to think about who Ethan is, in my personal Buffyverse. I think he's more interesting when he's not evil, but is instead self-interested, with a half-hidden agenda. But then, I think all oppositional forces are more interesting when they're like that.
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