Used book store haul

Have just come back from coffee + book trip. Down the street from my office are three coffee shops and one used book store. We sold a bunch of books to the store a while back, or rather, traded them in for store credit. There's a lot of credit on our account still. Oof. Anyway, haul was:

Dorothy Dunnet, The game of kings and Queen's play
Anthony Trollope, The warden and Barchester Towers, omnibus edition

Walked back to the office reading the first Dunnet, in a pleasurable return to childhood habit. I used to walk to and from school reading. It's a wonder I was never run over.

When I arrived in my office I was immediately buttonholed about the latest user interface disaster for the project I'd like to be finished with so that I can work on the next thing. But alas. Probably another few weeks of crash development on this one. Remind me to rant sometime about how stupid cell carrier companies are.

Tonight I will begin work on my assignment for this round of maleslashminis. My assignment is Giles/Ethan, which I've never written before, though I consider it to be semi-canonical. I have to think about who Ethan is, in my personal Buffyverse. I think he's more interesting when he's not evil, but is instead self-interested, with a half-hidden agenda. But then, I think all oppositional forces are more interesting when they're like that.
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I lurve Dorothy Dunnett. Read everything she's ever written, but no more alas. But you've reminded me I must cycle through the Crawford of Lymond series. Dearly loved and luxuriated in those novels. And will look for your Giles/Ethan fic when it gets written ;-)
She has now been recommended to me by about four zillion people, so I figured it was time.

I'm looking forward to the Giles/Ethan, too. I have a feeling this one is going to be fun. Wow. I don't have any Giles/Ethan icons. Something is very wrong.
I shall drag out the virtual pom poms and cheer you on as you try to write. And I shall not mention being done already. Except I already did. *shrug* Oh well. *shakes pom poms* Go Antenna!
I like Giles/Ethan, not as a current romance, but as a past event that Giles moved on from and that possibly Ethan never did. Ethan isn't evil, though he does evil and morally questionable acts on a fairly regular basis. He isn't doing it to be bad--that isn't his goal. He loves chaos. I'm sure that if doing good was going to cause as much havoc as doing evil, he'd be wearing a white hat. Also, he is deeply self-centered. His wants and needs come before everybody else, even when he cares about them--as he clearly still cares about Giles. Anyhow, just my thoughts on the G/E pairing.
Good work on the book store score too. I love used bookstore shopping, but don't get out as much as I'd like for stupid health reasons.
I think I worked out my Ethan. Not quite like yours, but I trust he'll entertain. Or hope. I have an inflection point in his life, and a very different inflection point in Giles', to show. And not the usual ones we see in fanfic, I think.

But I'll shut up and save the energy for the story itself.
Francis Crawford of Lymond, yippee!
I am so glad you are getting these books. They are not quite like anything else, and at the outset might even be a tad annoying. But stick with it for such rare rewards as learning how to effectively impersonate an entire army in an emergency with locally available materials which include, um, sheep.

There is a very useful Dunnet companion volume that helpfully translates some of the quotes, poetry, etc. and footnotes some of the more obscure people and history. Ms. Dorothy Dunnett, like Ms. Dorothy Sayers, was a bountifully educated person with a terrific sense that we should have a bit of fun with all that history. Phooey on learning from it when you can play delicious mind games with readers instead. Plus she painted. There is a nice site about her at

I, in turn, will start some Trollope, of whom I have read nothing. Anybody got suggestions about where to begin?
Re: Francis Crawford of Lymond, yippee!
(Let's try this comment again!)

The two novels I got are the first two books in the Chronicles of Barsetshire. The Palliser novels get recommended more often. I haven't read any of 'em yet, so I can't say.

I love love love all the online resources for authors that are appearing these days. Patrick O'Brian, Sayers, Pratchett, Neil Gaiman: name 'em, and somebody probably has a footnote site.
LOL - I had a bit of trouble with Ethan. He kept slipping away from me. There were times when writing the recent fic that I simply couldn't hear his voice. He was a bit like walking through treacle sometimes.

I got there in the end - but I can't say he was "fun" to write!!
I'm seriously thinking about using his point of view in this one. That'll force me to understand him!