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My first LE BPAL

Schwarzer Mond: Brian's Creation
A Little Lunacy
The keeper of secrets: opoponax, Tunisian black amber, night musk, antique patchouli, zdravetz, terebinth, myrrh, and Pimenta racemosa.

My first Lunacy scent! Wonderful; I keep sniffing my wrists. Wet, I can detect the bay rum, which makes it feel a bit masculine. Sweet. Soft. Dark and mysterious. Like velvet. Actually, like heavy curtains hung in the doorway to a back room in a curiosity shop; beyond it is a room full of wooden boxes and trunks and bookshelves, with a tiny space cleared for a desk where the accounts are kept. The curtains dampen the sound of the floorboards creaking under your feet.

I wish I could get technical and pick out the individual scent notes, but my nose isn't educated enough yet. All I can do is let this evoke a scene in my head. The icon kinda has the feel of this scent: resinous sweetness mixed with darkness.
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That sounds exquisite! You're making me want to get more imps!!!
The other one in the pair, "Black Moon", was much more delicate and feminine, and also yummy. I'll wear it tomorrow and see what it makes me think of.

Tragically, no longer orderable from them.
is this Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab?
I am trying to scry out what BPAL is. I am a scent fiend, having a good sniffer and always on the prowl for nice things to use it on. I googled the acronym and is this the place you are getting your goodies from? Did they mix this for you or do you buy the elements and mix your own?

I am most curious....

And the reason those floorboards creak is that there is a large secret room below, where the very finest artifacts are kept for certain special customers....
Re: is this Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab?
This absolutely is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. This particular scent is a limited edition scent, part of the "A Little Lunacy" series. Every month, on the days of the full moon, the woman who designs those scents puts up for sale a scent named after that moon. This year it's been Asian moons (Chrysanthemum Moon, Kindly Moon, etc.). This one was for the "dark moon" last month.

The downside is how long it takes to get stuff once you've ordered it from them. About four weeks right now. But man, when I've loved their scents, I've really been nuts about them. The "scent" tag has all my reviews, I think.

They are extremely generous with the free samples. Every order I've made has come with handfuls of little vials. I've been trying to pass them along to other people-- I don't end up liking everything I've sniffed.
one more aromatic remark...
It seems silly to ask you, Oh Well- and Widely-Read One, but have you treated yourself to that marvel of scent literature, _Perfume_, by Patrick Suskind?

You must have, certainly.
I was just checking.

But if you haven't -- oh my! What a wonder you have in store: a monster, many murders, a stinking city, and surrounding all of it the detailed, exquisite history of perfume-crafting in 18th century Paris....

Damn. Another beloved one I cannot get at because it is miles away, in a box in the darkness, waiting, waiting. *sigh*

Re: one more aromatic remark...
It is in fact sitting in the stack next to the couch. The stack the kitten knocked over while romping last night. GAH! My reading has come to a screeching halt because of my writing. Do I weep or count this an acceptable temporary loss?

It must be terrible to be separated from your books. But they are there! Waiting.
Re: one more aromatic remark...
"My reading has come to a screeching halt because of my writing."

That happens to me, too. Frantic gobbling research reading while the idea is in fermentation, then a sudden intolerance for other people's prose while the thing germinates, grows, then snatches all control and takes off headlong as fast as I can scribble or type.

There follows a period of collapse and astonishing mental quiet. Then the next image stirs, someone says or does something crucial, clarifying everything, and off it goes again with me in hot pursuit.
This goes on, at times, for days.

Yeah, I think the brain needs some time off from reading when it's been wrassling narrative.
now that I've started perusing the BPAL site...
It also strikes me to ask you if you have read Dorothy Dunnett's books? the story of Francis Crawford of Lymond is the novel [in 6 volumes] I am thinking of because I am intrigued by how many of the BPAL scents have Elizabethian references, and I went looking particularly for Dee, because I recall that you consider it to be Giles' scent. From the description I couldn't agree more. Dee was quite a character. I had to read a fair bit of him while on my excessive academic detour, which was in history of science.

Somehow I just think you would find the Lymond books a delicious romp. I'm not sure why I have that feeling, but I do.