I'm-a gonna learn how to make icons this week. And I'm gonna make entries for all the Gilesy icontest thingies, even though they will likely suck until I've made a million or so. And that's what I'm gonna do.

ETA: I made some icons, and entered a contest! Woot! There must be more contests in progress. Off to find them...
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Now I have stopped tinkering in Photoshop and resumed writing h/c fic. I am also procrastinatory, but about such things as doing dishes.
Yay! The Giles contests need more submissions! And I've been getting my ass kicked by RL, so I've been too busy... *pouts*
I gotta say: it's not entirely easy. I am officially impressed by people who are great at making icons. Now I gotta go make a zillion more...
Okay, why can't I see your icons? You should post them here for me to drool over. Besides, I'd give you wonderful feedback!

:tosses you a cookie for a Giles icon:

I think it's against the rules of the contest for me to tip anybody off about which icons were mine. (At least, if I were writing the rules, I'd write 'em that way!) I'll post them here afterward. One of them is decent, I think.