TEA evil can wait

Another neat APOD

This APOD image of Beagle Crater on Mars, taken by Opportunity, is just neat. The Mars photos always wow me. There's something so unbelievably cool about robots running around the surface of another planet. Robots! Another planet! Robots!

Cheerful in general today. Am wearing "The Mouse's sad and long tale" (vanilla, amber, sandalwood, sweetpea) which is way upbeat. Need to get a bottle of this so I can share it. The kitten kept me up all night because she slept on top of me, which was an adorable way to be kept up.

I just filed the vacation form for the day I'm taking off so I can meet wide_rider in Berkeley in a couple of weeks. This will be the first serious violation of the wall around self here. Though one of you people reading is a RL friend already. Hiya!
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OMG, I didn't realize there were walls! Oh, boy, that's a lot of pressure considering that my face will probably be (at least) half numb. Hopefully that won't discourage you from meeting any other LJ friends!

Um, does this mean no camera? LOL
You worry too much! We'll slouch around Berkeley and have a fine time rating the undergraduate men.
At some point, when I'm doing my Civil War Battlesites tour of the US, I will be in the Penn area. By then you will have moved on to a glorious academic career in Cambridge, Mass, however. I'm predictin'.