Pythagorean switch

Pitagora Suicchi is a Japanese children's show that shows Rube Goldberg devices in action several times during each show. Here's a whole bunch of them doing their cute thing. Alas! No cats being awakened (a) startling mouse (b).

(Oh, and: I'm stuck on the pr0n part. Plot? No problem. Snitty in braces? No problem. Buffy? Present and feisty. Smooches? Definitely. Cheerfulness? An ass that deserves kicking is kicked. Pr0n? Giles keeps telling me to get the hell out of his bedroom, thank you. It's the snittiness.)
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I'd want to see a story at this stage of canon which shows an awakening, not of passion, but of the possibilities of what can develop between two mature individuals. Something that gives me some hope for humanity and all that.

Hmm. A worthwhile story genre. I will ponder and see if I can remember anything. Or, you know, we could each write an instance.