How to talk like a pirate: Talk like a 17th century Englishman with a West country accent. Or so my friend Alex from Bath once told me.

Today, I will carry around The Letter of Marque and smell like BPAL's Anne Bonny.

In other news, Python 2.5 has been released. My favorite high-level programming language these days.
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Hee! Patchouli makes me think of childhood when my parents were still hippies. Ditto the smell of nag champa.

I will think of you when I sniff my wrists today, and then swear a terrible oath or two.
If you like Patrick O'Brien, you might like the new fantasy series by Naomi Novik. His Majesty's Dragon, Throne of Jade, and Black Powder War. Set during the Napoleonic wars, a young ship's captain captures a valuable prize--a rare Dragon's egg. He knows that impressing the Dragon will help England's war effort. Excellent story.

Don't know about the perfumes. Not much on scents, actually.
Son of a ... The bookstore we stopped at tonight after dinner had the second two, but not the first in the trilogy. Grrrf.

Hmm, I need an Aubrey & Maturin icon!