Oh dear

Conversation with husband just spawned ridiculous idea for silly season 1 story. The four Scoobies are stuck somewhere, waiting for some demon to show up. Xander, to pass the time, pulls these odd decks of colorful cards from his backpack, and starts sorting them, reading them, rearranging them, shuffling them & drawing seven cards to see what he gets each time. Willow sighs, but Buffy is curious. Xander explains the game to her. Giles, bored out of his skull but reluctant to admit it, eavesdrops and is drawn in.

Xander has a bunch of decks in his bag. They each pick one that suits them.

Giles: white weenie
Buffy: red/black
Willow: blue/black
Xander: the one-turn-kill if the draw is right deck, lotus/mox/channel/fireball/lightning bolt.

They play. Giles loses badly his first few games, then cleans Xander's clock, then Buffy's, then gets into a titanic struggle with Willow. Something happens. Perhaps they accidentally defeat the demon by triggering magic with the cards. Or perhaps it's just a silly character piece. Dunno yet.

Two years later, Xander sells his full set of moxes to fund his cross-country trip.

(And yes, I realize that this story idea says very very bad things about how geeky I was in the mid-90s. And no making comments about the past tense is the wrong tense there.)
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It's best if I don't explain. You'd probably want to bleach your brain if I did. It's definitely in the silly category. Like Giles being an injured dwarf.
Sounds great.
Somewhere in there you must have a reference to a Black Lotus equivilent. During the height of the craze, I would get barraged by little kids calling to ask if we had one and what it was worth. All. Day. Long.
The friend who addicted me (gave me a big baggie of free cards) had the full set. Sold it eventually for several thousand dollars as a complete unit. At a tournament. I see Xander as having the whole set of early cards, and unwillingly parting from them so he could see the states.

Can't imagine what comics and games shops were like during the mania. Though I suppose it was a big sales item, and therefore to be put up with.