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The new musics

I mentioned I was listening to some new-to-me music I described as "shoegazing". That's probably not the right genre word. I can never keep up with the subgenre phrase tango. "No, sorry, that's obviously triphop. Only an ignoramus would call it breakbeat." Erk. Probably the right genre tag for this music is "chillout".

Anyway, two electronic ambient-but-modern-beat-ish chillout musicians I have begun listening to in the last few months

Jon Hopkins. Opalescent is brilliant, Contact Note less so but still worth the time. Evolving soundscapes, sometimes dark. Moving, emotional, beautiful. Has worked with Brian Eno recently, though Eno has been so boring in the last decade that I'm not sure this is a recommendation.

Ulrich Schnauss. Far away trains passing by and A strangely isolated place are the two recordings worth noting. This is much more actual shoegazey than Hopkins, in that the tracks establish a mood and stay there, building in intensity perhaps but not moving. Pretty melodies, lots of obvious-but-satisfying chord progressions, pleasant timbres, glitchy beats. Good writing or programming music.

Hopkins is the deeper musician of the two. By which I mean, I guess, that there's more going on under the surface. And I will likely still be maniacally pushing Opalescent on friends a decade from now, as I push Global Communication's 76:14 a decade later.

Four sample tracks. More is available for streaming or download from the artists' sites. AAC.
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