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That coven in Devon

Coven. Devon. That one. Where? I am at sea. Somewhere with walkable country around, I think, and a big rambley sort of house with outbuildings. And of course room for the horsies nearby. Transcript says "Westbury", but that doesn't exist as far as I can tell. Sloppy Hollywood screenwriters. Bah.

I probably need only a plausible town name. Can let Google maps fill in whatever other info I'd need, like travel time from Bath in a car driven by a Watcher who could magically bollix up the Gatsos but would never, ever do that because he is a moral man attempting to set a good example for Willow. (Guh, Bath. Guh, Georgian architecture and that yellow stone in sunshine. Sorry; will save my Bath drool for the story, and will try to contain it even there.)

In return, I will answer questions any time about California geography. Tell you where to find the hippies, how long it would take to drive to Napa and what freeways they would take, exactly how cold it is in San Francisco in the summer, expected rainfall in Sunnydale/SB in August (hint: 0), and so on. Though I am better on northern CA geography than southern.

Story has tentative non-stupid title, and theme, and moment of major angst, and other stuff that I hope works out okay. And the requested h/c. Have enough of it written, in scattered pieces, that I will know when I'm done. 10K words, maybe. Um. I hope it will entertain. Hope.
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