I just discovered, while decanting perfume oil into sample vials for a care package, that I am completely out of Dee, aka Essence of Giles. I used the last of it making a dry oil spray for the husband, so he can smell like that as often as he wants. Oh dear. Remind me not to make soap with the precious any more, because it's only sort of okay, and then I cannot send it to others in need of Gilesy cheer-up. Bleat.

Oh well. Back to the story in progress.
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I want some essence of Giles! What can I send you from Texas?

Hot sauce?
A "Kinky" bumper sticker?
Frozen Gulf Shrimp?
A frozen Republican?
Just let me know!
I am acquiring more in another browser window as I type. It will be a coupla weeks, however. Freakin' lead time.

Hmm, hot sauce!