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Just finished re-reading The Bird-Bone Flute, and am once again feeling utterly inadequate as a writer. However, in the spirit of the story, I have decided that my reaction is going to be to work harder and become a better writer, knowing that this will require Work.

Also on tonight's reading list: a book on the fighting with the longsword in the German style. My theory of the Council says they would have had to preserve a very old swordfighting technique for the Slayer's use, from before the sword mutated into smallswords and rapiers and fencing foils. While it's very sexy to see Giles fencing with Wesley, learning to fence with a foil would have worse than useless for Buffy. Maybe saber. But even so, modern tournament fighting is just stylized bunkum. A Roman legionnaire would chop a fencer into little shreds. Buffy would need to cut off vamp heads, so she would need a slicing sword. Edges, not point. Kendo would work, but the Council is a European institution, not an Eastern one.

The N-LBS version of Giles prefers a fighting style with a light single-handed sword in his left hand and a wooden dagger in his right. Slicing and staking are possible, and the dagger can be used defensively. Plus it looks cool. The dragon-sword Giles, however, probably learned something like the German school of Liechtenauer.

Geekery. Only be sure always to call it please, "research".

I have a very small dog snugged up alongside me as I read. She wanted up next to me for some doggy reason. No fireworks tonight, so I cannot guess why she wanted me and not her Lord and Packmaster Mr Pedia.

In closing, I leave you with the lovely APOD image from Sept 6: green aurora over Lake Superior.
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