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This is your brain on music

Salon reviews This is your brain on music, a book by neuroscientist Daniel Levitin on what goes on in your brain when you listen to music. Among other things, such as how our musical processing ability might have evolved. The whole huge question of whether this stuff was an accidental side-effect, or selected for, etc.

Levitin also discusses why people tend to latch onto the music they hear when they're teenagers. (Brain development still in progress then, basically. Also, we're hormone stews.) Most interesting. Stimulates some theories about why I jumped over in my late 20s to finding electronic music the most emotionally satisfying.

See also the Wired interview with Levitin from a couple weeks ago. Yay! He debunks the myth of talent!

The prospect of reading this has me all tingly with anticipation.
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