Why I love the Internet today

Lovely useful web pages like this one on 10th century Cornish names. I mean, could it get any more perfect for my current needs than this?

Also, lots of crazy sites by people who make swords and knives with pattern-welded steel. Aka Damascus steel, though the historic technique might have been different.

PS: I need to go back to school and get, like, a million more degrees. One in The History of Everything. Another in All The Languages There Are.
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Cornish eh?? Who would have thunk?

I'm Cornish - surname is Pascoe. And yes, I still live in Cornwall. Once all the current unpleasantness is over I intend taking a course in Cornish language. I think that I SHOULD know my own language!!
The trouble with inventing vague romantic legends only far enough to hint at their edges is that one must then invent the rest of the legend if one wishes to fill in more of it. My theory is: if you're a magician in 10th century Britain, you're probably Cornish or Welsh and not one of those Viking-Mercians or Anglo-Saxons. Then I went with Cornish because, you know, Arthur.
I was going for the Hit the Silicon Valley Startup Jackpot funding technique, but that approach didn't work out. Sigh. Perhaps I will next try the "support me while I go back to school, thank you dear" approach. Or maybe the "hello, I am the next George R R Martin; read my well-written Phat Phantasy books in vast quantities" approach.
The History of Everything and All the Languages There Are?

Sounds like fun. Where can I sign up?
The Unseen University has an extension near me. And you. And everybody. And I am told that Miskatonic University has a similar course, but no student has ever graduated from it. At least not and stayed sane.