Fact for the day

The chinchilla is crepuscular.

That is all. No, really. I just like that sentence. It's fluffy at one end and jargony at the other.
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I had to look that one up: crepuscular: Zoology. appearing or active in the twilight, as certain bats and insects.

I will add that to the column marked things I did not know .
Cats and deer: also crepuscular. Great word. I tripped over it last week in a stretch of some of the worst writing I've read in ages, in a perfume review in the NYTimes by Chandler Burr:
Darkness, when it is crystalline and somewhat luminous, may be the most difficult quality to capture in a perfume. [...] Where Guerlain put jasmine and a fairly new synthetic called aldehyde C-14 (it gives the delicious aroma of sweet peach) in Mitsouko, Kurkdjian took this idea and spun it forward, substituting a roughly $2,600-a-pound Turkish rose absolute for the jasmine. The result sweeps over you like the silent, massive shadow of an Airbus A340, a tactile component that makes you narrow your eyes. If it fades slightly faster than one might hope, the aesthetics are pitch-perfect. There are other gorgeous roses — Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris, Eau d’Italie’s Paestum Rose — but Rose Barbare is a crepuscular, rose-inflected darkness suffused with a luminosity that floats on the skin.

I think maybe his editor should have taken the thesaurus away from him.

The review ends with this horror-inducing sentence: "Your retinas expand from the strange pleasure of this scent."