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Three days of weekend!

Boy, am I looking forward to three days of weekend. Work has been commanding a lot of attention from me this week. Not unreasonably, and not unpleasantly, but it has left me brain-tired at the end of the day.

I owe people email & comment responses & one tag fic dragon-sword story. Weekend! Weekend!
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Hear, hear. Fifteen minutes - well, half an hour, realistically - and I am OUT OF HERE. O, sweet three-day-weekend. Sweet, sweet weekend and Giles in a green henley shirt. And possibly worn jeans. Or nothing. :D
Yay for weekend!

Muse got inspired. Letting things sit for a bit and there are a couple more scenes to be written, but you may get "Far Away" again by tomorrow. No promises though.

But again, yay for weekend!