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Bah, yucky writing day

Fell asleep on my sofa before dinner, then was a zombie when my husband dragged me out for our weekly dinner out. Though I did drink Onikoroshi with my sushi, which made me giggle. It translates to demon-killer. If Buffy were to drink sake, she'd have to drink daiginjo Onikoroshi. On the plus side, had long conversation with the husband over the sake about what happens when Giles brings the sword home to Sunnydale. He helped me sharpen the plot a bit.

Also I realized I was tightening up in writing the continuation. The completely relaxed, loose creative blurt that happens in the initial prompt responses is really good for me. I need to find ways to keep that feeling even when writing with more forethought and intention.

My apologies for no "Dragon's Reverie" tonight. But I definitely know where it's going.
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