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Brief story progress update

"Dragon's Reverie" is in progress and might actually be complete tonight. Tomorrow is more likely, though. I'm afraid it's running a little longer than "Dragon's Bone". Many interesting things wanted to happen once I put a magical sword in Giles' hands. The scent I chose is suggesting some complications as well.

"Reconnection" part 3 is also in progress, though mostly as a plotty outline starting with a Buffy Kicks Ass scene. I like writing competent!Buffy. I am hoping to have that readable by the weekend. Confidence level on that is shakier, however.

I note in passing that although the game is called the "daily drabble", I have not in fact written anything as short as a drabble for any of them. The closest was the Giles/Anya thing, and that was also the one I was most unsatisfied with.
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