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FIC: daily drabble 9: A tragedy in six holidays

For: xdawnfirex
Prompt: Giles and a baby; sweet and funny.
Title: A tragedy in six holidays
Rating, etc: Giles/Jenny, Ethan, Scooby ensemble, FRT
Word count: 680
About the game: Rules and previous ficlets
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"So this is where we bought the costumes," the girl said. "I really don't get why you're so freaked, Giles. Are you sure you're okay with Jenny out of town?"

"The name Ethan, plus the magic threads in the costumes, plus the two-faced statue you saw, add up to..."

Time to step out from behind the curtain, Ethan thought. He swept it aside dramatically, and stepped out into the shop.

"Hullo, Rip-- Good lord, what's that?"

The blonde girl made a face at him. "Haven't you ever seen a baby before?"

"Ethan! It is you!" The man who'd been Ripper Giles cradled the tiny infant strapped to his chest with one hand, and stretched out the other in greeting. Ethan found himself shaking it before he quite knew what had hit him. "Have you been in town long?"

"Just a couple of weeks. I, uh..."

"Listen, Ethan, why don't you come home with me for dinner? I have to feed Peter soon, and the children will be ringing the doorbell wanting candy. We can catch up there and keep you safely away from whatever it was you were planning on doing tonight. What do you say, Buffy?"

"Sounds good to me, Giles."

And that was how Ethan found himself answering Ripper's door and holding out a candy bowl to the rampaging hordes. Not truly rampaging, alas. Those little demon costumes were his, and that cluster of tiny demons would have wreaked lovely, delightful, delicious havoc on this dreadful town. But that blonde thing had turned out to be Ripper's Slayer, more than capable of removing his arms if he tried anything.

Several high school students with strings of children rang the bell, looked surprised to see him, and demanded to know where Giles was. Ripper greeted them all with what seemed to be genuine delight, and extracted from them promises to stop by in an hour for dinner. His fridge was full of little containers of breast milk. His desk was littered with ritual daggers and pacifiers, tarot cards and wetwipes, demonologies and books on child development. Ripper was a soppy mess.

"Tell me *again* how you ended up like this?" Ethan took another snort of the Talisker. Since Ripper had refused to pour for himself, on the grounds that he had to mind Peter, Ethan figured he'd drink for two.

"Faculty Christmas party. I'd been here not more than a week. Had one too many. Woke up in Jenny's bed. Spent New Year's Eve there too. She broke the news on Valentine's Day. We were married at Easter. Peter was born on Michaelmas."

"A tragedy in five holidays." And a ruined Halloween made six. At least the affair had begun in a manner Ethan could approve.

"Goodness no. I'm quite happy about it." Ripper had his little finger stuck in the infant's mouth. The expression on his face was appalling.

"And where is this charming wife of yours?" Ethan figured he'd have to meet her some time, the woman who'd tamed the Ripper.

"Overnighting with her wiccan circle. All hallow's eve, you know. Ah. That'll be Buffy and the others."

Four teenagers descended upon the house like locusts. They were all delighted to meet an old friend of the man they called Giles. A sloppy dark-haired young man sprawled on the couch, Ripper-spawn cradled in one arm, and demanded to know what blackmail material Ethan had on the G-man.

Ethan grinned. At last, a bright spark of hope for a messy evening. He opened his mouth to tell the story of the night they got those three American birds to go to bed with them, by means of a breadknife charmed to look like Excalibur and a wild tale of their ancestry. Then Ripper loomed over him, eyebrow raised. How a man could loom wearing an apron and stirring something in a white ceramic bowl, Ethan didn't know. But Ripper managed it. Ethan smoothly changed stories in mid-stream to the one about busking at the Oxford train station in a rainstorm, trying not to get Ripper's new guitar wet.

Ruined. Utterly ruined.
His desk was littered with ritual daggers and pacifiers...

That is a GREAT line and so very Giles!

How about a drabble based on a BPAL scent? Tell us a story that smells like Tintagel :) *eg*
Thank you! Boy, these are fun to write sometimes!

Okay if I don't use Tintagel but something else? Friend S has an imp I might be able to borrow, but prolly not within 24 hours.
bwahahahaha! Who knew that Ethan could be defanged by the power of domesticity! And a little advanced looming, of course. :D
Bowls are easily put down, and then aprons come in handy for wiping off the blood. Ethan isn't a stupid man...

Heh, yeah, Ethan is an interesting character, isn't he? I'm curious what he'd do in this situation in a couple of weeks when Eyghon makes a reappearance.

I love the twist on the original story line! I can just picture Ethan's confusion and disgust at seeing sappy, happy Ripper. Adorable!
Oh, poor Ethan, succumbing to domesticity. I too have a grwoing fondness for the chaos mage.

And Xander with baby, yay!
Love it. Love it, love it, love it. It's excellent. It's perfect. *sniffle* *grin* Thank you so much. I so needed this.

*hugs and gives pez*

So tell me. I'm stuck in a fic rut myself. What exactly is it that you're doing here? Is it a challenge thing, or what? I mean, I get that people are tagging to request fics, but how did you begin?
Yay! Glad you liked it!

It's kind of a challenge-y thing. margarks has been doing this much longer and was my inspiration. I kicked it off with a post that set up my rules. First responder to that one got to give me the first prompt.

My goals were: Get myself writing a little bit every day, by promising specific people a ficlet. Get out of writing ruts by having something unpredictable to write about every day. Let the daily challenge be something small that wouldn't get in the way of ongoing writing projects.

I kinda failed with that last one :) I don't think any of them have been at 100-word drabble length, and one of them was a full 7000-word story that turned into an ongoing project. But then, I set up in advance that I might do that, and that would be okay. Somebody else doing this might be stricter about keeping them at drabble length.

Seeing the time period of the story, of course it had to be Jenny, but just imagine the same basic situation with Olivia,(damn, no Fyarl demon) or some time in the future with Buffy.
*snicker* Fantastic! It would be interesting to watch Giles balance fighting the forces of evil and playing Daddy.
Heh! Bottle in one hand, stake in the other, the Watcher-daddy whirls into action... then conks out because he had, like, 2 hours of sleep over the last three days.
How a man could loom wearing an apron and stirring something in a white ceramic bowl, Ethan didn't know. But Ripper managed it.

Well, of course he did! I love this.