FIC: daily drabble 8: Outmoded

For: secondalto
Prompt: Giles, Xander, patrol
Title: Outmoded
Rating, etc: G/X, FRT
Word count: 300
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"Please take off the ski goggles. You keep running into me."

"Oh. Uh. Right. You figured out that they're not--"

"Pretty much immediately."

Xander didn't know what to do with the damn things. Couldn't just drop them and litter. He loosened the elastic and let the goggles fall to his chest. He trudged along side by side with Giles for a while. "So, uh, you're sure she slept with this guy?"

"Yes. I was talking to Willow about the gem, in their dorm room, and she came in wearing party clothes."

"At ten am."


"And now she's all freaked out and depressed 'cause he one-night-standed her."

"So it seems. Not that she's talked to either one of us directly." Giles held a branch aside for Xander. Xander ducked past, then held the next one for Giles. This trail was looking overgrown.

"How the hell do you cope with it, Giles?"

"Classes in adolescent psychology."

"Seriously? Wow. That must have come in handy."

"Many times."

"I suppose you could straighten her out and get her unfreaked."

"If she'd talk to me. I'm feeling rather discarded at the moment. Like last year's shoes."

The path flattened out, and opened up. Xander followed Giles across a grassy hillside to a jumble of boulders above a brief drop. Below them was a road and a cul de sac, with five or six cars parked.

"Oh, hey, Lovers Point, and its wonderful view." Xander stood on the boulder, next to Giles, and looked down at the lights of Sunnydale, stretching down to the moonlit Pacific. There was the highway, there was the main street. Giles sprawled out, and let his long legs dangle over the edge of the boulder. Xander sat himself down between Giles' knees and leaned back. Giles slipped an arm around his waist and nuzzled at his ear. Well, at least they could be outmoded together.

(( The ski goggles thing is a nod to the wonderful The Beginning, another beginning, and some stuff that happened in between by Fleur. To which I finally dug up a link.))
Very sweet. :)

Now, how does the prompt thing work? Do I pick from a list, or make one up?
Make one up! Anything you like, so long as it involves Giles. I might take it in a direction you don't expect, but unless something seizes me and runs off I'll try for something I know you'll like.
OK. Um. I'm in a really crappy headspace so I think I need something sweet and/or funny. How about Giles has to take care of a baby. It doesn't have to be his baby, although you know me and the B/G goodness, but I think Giles with a baby (even just for a day) could be a lot of fun.
The cuteness! the last paragraph turned me into a warm pile of goo. And I do wish Buffy had talked to Giles about that Parker guy too, but it wasn't really in their nature to talk about things like that with eachother, was it?
Naw, they didn't talk, even when it really would have helped. Sometimes I wanted to smack Buffy: there was this guy there, sent specifically to help her, and she went around not telling him things. Even after he was Mr Supportive about Angelus.

Silly Buffy.
i know! although he really wasn't share-guy either a lot of the time. I think part of that was that he wanted to protect her, but sometimes I wish they could just both sit down and have one of those 'i feel' sessions to hash every thing out!
Very nice! Even though I probably should have seen it comming, I got side-swiped by the ending! :-)
Heh! Sometimes I wish I didn't take all this Truth in Labeling seriously. I could bushwhack people more often.
Yay, Xander and Giles, a pairing I love. Excellent visuals, especially the notion of Xander in ski goggles. Very funny. Why was he wearing ski goggles? Enjoyed the banter between them and the sweet ending ;-)
Thanks! I'm a complete sucker for Giles and Xander. It'll never replace the OTP of Giles and Buffy for me, but there's something so fun about Xander. He can be a wonderful foil for Giles, and vice versa.
Aww, sweet. I love the ending.

I seriously need to get a Giles/Xander icon. I think I have that one you're using. *looks on harddrive*
I need more G/X icons myself. Not that I need more icons. How can I be nearly out when I have 104 icon slots? *facepalm*
It's amazing how quickly they fill isn't it? You think 100 will be moe than enough and then suddenly, not so much. It's all the iconmakers fault for making such pretty ones. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I refuse to believe I'm an icon whore. *really is*