Giles/Buffy washed out

Brief writing update

Sequel to "Reconnection" is well underway. It'll be a bit longer, and it won't resolve anything. It'll be more like the next chapter in a longer thing. Congratulations, you evil people, you have lured me into writing a serial.

I am definitely here to learn how to write a novel, in the planned, plotted, structured sort of way. This is not how to do that. But what the heck. There's lots of other craft I desperately need practice with... like making things hard on my characters.
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Mwahahahahaha! The hands of WIPs have you in their grip. Welcome to my world.

Look for the next part of "Healing" soon and part 6 of SoC later this week.
Evil, evil, evil.

Looking forward to more SOC. And to seeing how you're gonna make your crack! work with the Wes-boy.
Yep, evil. Evil can be fun.

Part 6 is underway, with much suspicion of Gwen. I sent you the next part of "Healing", did you get it?