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Brief writing update

Sequel to "Reconnection" is well underway. It'll be a bit longer, and it won't resolve anything. It'll be more like the next chapter in a longer thing. Congratulations, you evil people, you have lured me into writing a serial.

I am definitely here to learn how to write a novel, in the planned, plotted, structured sort of way. This is not how to do that. But what the heck. There's lots of other craft I desperately need practice with... like making things hard on my characters.
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"Shadow" was so interesting. I read it long before I discovered LJ & your online presence (where "long" is about a month), so I experienced it sans all context. I was nervous about a page in when I had my first idea of what was going on. But then what started dangerously close to one of those bad fanfic tropes moved somewhere much more interesting. You couldn't stay self-indulgent for long!

The things that popped out for me on the initial read were the way Sunnydale and Giles' flat came into 3-dimensional, full-sensory existence. The detail of Giles using lavender water to iron clothes, for instance. Or what a Scooby planning session might really be like. Or food shopping with Xander.

When I was done reading, my reaction was, there's more? Good! There's lots more? Even better! Let's see where those characters go...
Mwahahahahaha! The hands of WIPs have you in their grip. Welcome to my world.

Look for the next part of "Healing" soon and part 6 of SoC later this week.
Evil, evil, evil.

Looking forward to more SOC. And to seeing how you're gonna make your crack! work with the Wes-boy.
Yep, evil. Evil can be fun.

Part 6 is underway, with much suspicion of Gwen. I sent you the next part of "Healing", did you get it?
All I can say is: YAY!!!!

So sorry to have contributed toward putting you on this path of evil... Not!