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BPAL update

The BPAL fun continues. I have two orders outstanding, embarrassingly. Many imps, and bottles for a few of the things I've liked best.

Favorite scents on me: Dracul, Dragon's Milk, Coyote.
Favorite scents on Mr Pedia: Dee, Dracul.
Really nifty one that you should try, dear reader: Aglaea
"Three golden ambers, bright musk, peach wine and myrtle."
So cheerful and bright and fruity when wet. Settles down quietly to cheerful but smooth amber. Happy golden sunshine. I've decided that Buffy smells like this.

Bubble bath: waste of scent.
Shampoo & conditioner: ditto.
Soap: not so bad, though the scent doesn't stay around on me for long. It does work well in sock drawers, though. And my bathroom smells quite nice.
Lotion: total win. You have to let it sit for a few days for the scent to permeate the lotion. I used some unscented lotion from Body Time in a 2oz bottle. About a ml of scent oil, maybe a little less. Shake a lot, squish it around a lot, then wait.

One other thing I tried was using cyclomethicone for a body spray. This is a silicone oil, totally inoffensive as a carrier. The oil doesn't stay blended, so you have to shake like mad before you spray, but this is a decent way to apply the stuff as pure perfume. Mr Pedia keeps zapping himself with the Dragon's Milk, which amuses me. I offered to make him a Dee spray, but he said he likes whatever it is he's been using. Mr Pedia: not particularly concerned with conventional gender roles. (Or if he is concerned, it's only to flout them so he can annoy people. He also said something like, "smelling like something women like is a good way to attract them.")
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