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Continuing things...

Wrestling a little bit with the continuation of "Reconnection". The problem with these slightly ecstatic single-draft stories is ... well, lack of planning.

There are obvious unresolved issues, Willow being the really huge one. Also, I was vague about what exactly the Power wanted Buffy to do, beyond having the mumble with Giles. Why, exactly? And there are lots of other places one could take a story like that. I think I am happy remaining in the sweet, romantic mode with those two, and letting the conflict enter from the direction alluded to above. The slow pace was nice. Staying in Buffy's head and showing her first in depression, then awakening to the possibilities, then having a satori moment felt right. I'll stay with her for a while. Giles' point of view will eventually get some time, too.

Most importantly, my rule for myself is that I must not overthink. I need a little sappiness in my life at the moment, and I was longing for some tender G/B. So if the Gileswriters around me ain't doin' it just now, I'll step up. And I won't be too clever about it.

But I cannot help myself. I'm writing an outline anyway.
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