FIC: daily drabble 4: Thruxton

For: wide_rider
Prompt: Wheels
Title: Thruxton
Rating, etc: G/B implied, FRT
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He first saw it parked outside a cafe on the Bristol Road, leaned over on the sidestand. So cocky. Yellow paint. He took it for a restoration job at first, then he saw the disk brakes, front and rear. And the engine was modern. One of those retro things, then. He went in for Buffy's coffee, and came out to look at it some more. Christ, it was pretty. He'd always had a thing for cafe racers.

Once he started looking for it, he saw it parked in the city often. And at that cafe. He thought he'd spotted the rider, as well, a scruffy thirty-ish man in creased leathers, hair sticking up every which way from the helmet. Giles thought about asking the fellow what he thought of the bike. But probably the road grime he saw on it, sometimes, gave him the answer.

Saturday morning, fine weather, out for a drive with Buffy. Quick stop at the cafe for the coffee she always wanted, and there it was. Giles hovered. He'd looked at the Triumph site earlier in the week. Surpringly affordable. And he'd kept his license current. The yellow, or the black? Yellow, he thought.

He leaned over to look at the instrument cluster again.

"Giles, you can't." Buffy was at his elbow.

"Why the hell not?"

She met his gaze for a long moment. "It only has one seat thingie. I couldn't go with you."

Giles looked again. Yes, only one pair of rearset pegs for the rider. He twitched up one side of his mouth. "Well then," he said. "It's riding school for you."
Ooh, I love it!! Hubby liked it a lot, too!!! I can see Giles sending Buffy off to learn how to ride. Better yet, I can picture Giles in black road race leathers, black Simpson Bandit w/ tinted shield, slinging his leg over a yellow Thruxton. *wipes drool*

Wonderful job!
Glad you liked it! The G/B-ishness is for you :)

You get to pick the next prompt if you like. (Or if you don't, you can cede to the next poster. Whatever you like! I'm mellow, and await the next command to write.)
I didn't mean to be first again, I just couldn't let you go too long w/o feedback. :-)

My hubby suggested something totally different, like mountain climbing. I was going to offer up something standard, but I think I like his. I'll leave the choice to you. If you want to wait for the next poster, I don't mind since I've already had a turn. Or, if you want me to give another prompt, how about something in the mountains - let your imagination run wild.
Just so you know: this is running a little long. I appear to be nearly incapable of writing drabbles.
5000 words and still going. The end is in sight, however. Or rather, the middle. Imagine me waving my hands.