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Daily ficlet/drabble series

margarks is inspirational. I'm gonna do this nearly-daily ficlet thing too, to keep the mind moving and the typing fingers limber.

The rules:
First poster in response to previous ficlet gets to supply a prompt for the next one.
The prompt must be Giles-related.
That's the only restriction I'll put on the prompt. Ask for what you want, with Giles.
I'll write something in response, guaranteed. Though it might not be what you expect: I'll let the prompt do its thing in my head.
The length will be variable: I'll let it go long if that's what it wants to do.
I might not post the response the same day if it grabs me and carries me off, but I will post a ficlet in response.
When I post the finished ficlet, first commenter gets to supply the prompt for the next one.

First poster here gets the first one.
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