Moving right along

Well, that was an anticlimax. Time for the next strangely unsatisfying experience.

Read through all of my unfinished stuff last night. 120K words of ... something. The N-LBS is the most interesting of the lot, but it's a jumble of shiny objects in a box. A bunch of interesting character sketches without anything story-shaped holding them together. I am extremely fond of that Giles, though. As I read I found myself wanting to spend more time with him. And to put him through hell.

Step 1: Figure out what my story is. At one time I thought I knew. I didn't.

Perhaps I'll do that. Feeling discouraged, however, so perhaps I need to do something mindless instead. Read this collection of Saylor short stories that's been sitting bedside for months now, for instance.
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Sorry you're feeling discouraged -- I send good thoughts and the inspiration of your Muse.