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BPAL update

A few more BPAL scent reactions for those who are interested.

Coyote has settled out as my favorite to wear, though I do love the Dragon's Blood family as well.

Death cap: magic mushrooms, dried in the baggie. Warm, crumbly, faintly sweet, a distant sense of almond and cherry and baking, and yet it's not a food scent. I like this a lot.

Amsterdam: refreshing & floral. Not a heavy sweet floral scent, but light and breezy. My friend S liked it a lot, and went off with my imp.

The dormouse: a sweet floral, though again not heavy. As the esteemed Dr penwiper26 said, a great scent for hot summer days. The peony is dominant.

Second opinions: S slathered Perversion on her husband and liked it a lot. He was much less saintly than Mr Pedia, and did not like being scented up. Mr Pedia doesn't mind anything being put on him, not even scents that most people would describe as "feminine". He says that nobody seems to have reacted to anything he smells like, so why should he care, so long as it's basically nice?
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