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I seem to have 3 stories in progress and a new-ish fandom. Are any of you into the Twelfth Doctor at all? Does fandom still exist here or has it all gone away?
I'm a long-time Doctor Who fan (since the Third Doctor was on). I've never been deeply involved in the fandom, but there are several people on my flist writing DW meta, so I assume it still exists on LJ somewhere.
I've observed massive activity on Tumblr, though of course conversation is impossible there, so meh. Hello again!
You might want to check out elisi's journal -- she writes a lot of DW meta and reviews, and she can probably point you to whatever fandom exists on LJ.
I'm trying to resist but finding myself more and more put off by the petulant, childishness of the newest Doctor. His constant belittling of everyone is getting old fast. I thought Clara's telling off was going to be the turning point but she's apparently just rolled ove, surrendered and decided to cop the abuse. Not impressed.
I like the Twelfth, but I wouldn't say I was hugely into the fandom. elisi is who you want to talk to for all thing Doctor.
There's definitively still fandom going on on my flist though not as much as there used to be. I'm enjoting 12 and finding him to have a very strong and consistent series so far. The abuse and lies and co-dependance betwewn him and Clara is getring a bit wearing though. It'
S so far not been wnough to turn me off but i do hope ir is resolved in the finale
I suspect the lies & co-dependence are the focus of the character arc this season, which is working out so far to be the most interesting one I've seen in NuWho. Especially nice since it follows a really weak season with a very inconsistent characterization of Clara. The writers have figured her out now & Coleman is a good actor, so it's going somewhere. And I think Capaldi is the best actor in the role since McCoy (nod to Tennant), so if they get can the writing right it'll be brilliant.

Or so I hope. Moffat doesn't have a good track record with observing the emotional consequences of his storylines.
I'm with you. I'm worried that the character arc won't have a good resolution to make up for the discomfort its causing while watching... but that discomfort itself is a sign that I care about these characters and they are having an emotional impact. This has amazing potential and I hope it realizes it.

I also think that both actors are brilliant and form one of the strongest casts, talent-wise, ever seen on the show.
I don't watch Who and have nothing useful to say on that count; I just wanted to say how nice it is to see you around again. :)
Hello there, stranger!

I love 12 quite a lot. I'm enjoying this season a lot more than I have in recent years. As for fandom, as others have said, it's mostly moved on to tumblr. Not so great for involved conversations unless you have the xkit extension and even then it's not the best.
I stopped watching Who late last season when Clara came on board. I don't like her. I've watched the first two eps of the current season, because hey, I like Capaldi. Didn't care for the first, the second was okay... and just haven't mustered enough interest to get past Clara. (I didn't watch any of Rose's season with 10 because I really disliked Rose) ... and I'm still not over Rory. So.

Hi. :)

I like the 12th doctor despite his flaws and I am even writing my first Doctor Who fan fic because I like Peter Capalidi the way he delivers some of his lines is priceless, especially in the first episode of the season. :)