Giles/Buffy dark


24,000 words already in the demonic-transformation soulbonding wingfic. And I am still working out the main bloody conflict plot thingie.

Oh crap.
I've certainly never had a fic do anything like that, no siree, Bob, I haven't. (Looks innocent. Fails miserably. Criez on your shoulder.)

Fic is a bitch goddess.
Sounds like the middle of everything I've ever written. :) But really, I want to know more about this fic! Fandom? Pairing?
Re: middles are the worst. except for ends. they're worse.
Your subject line: my new writing motto. :)

Looking forward to seeing it!
Mmm. Buffy Giles. Can't wait!

I wish I had the ability to string two words together. I seem to have lost what little I had. :/