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Moving in slow motion

I am putting around rather than getting this thing finished & driving toward shipping. As you know, Bob, it's ship or die. Shipping is preferable to death. So how do I effing ship this thing?

I need to make some front-end decisions. I have been dithering about how to do the browser-side interactivity. I need to pick something and go. And I need to open up the freakin' repo.

Bleah. What do you think? Angular.js or Flight? They're very, very different...

This morning at an ungodly early hour I picked up heavy weights and put them down again. Well, actually, since I was working on Olympic lifting skills, I flung fairly light weights into the air explosively then casually set them down again while grousing about how bad my form is. Max weight lifted: 75 pounds in an endless series of hang cleans while I practiced dropping under the weight at its moment of freefall. The trouble with this lift for me was partly how light 75 pounds is. I had to hang-clean it because if I lifted it from the floor I'd drive it up over my head by accident.

Compared to the average woman I am beastly strong these days. Compared to the average strength athlete I am a piker.

The video linked in the earlier graf shows a very nice shirtless young man demonstrating cleans. Do click if if the jargon is puzzling. The people who do this lift seriously are brick-shaped not all ripped, because of how much raw muscle is required to move serious weight. But nearly every sport requiring explosive movement trains its athletes with the clean in some form.

Music: Not going to recommend today's music. Too glitchy for me.
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