No, wait, I'm not done on the topic of tags.

Everything you need to know about AO3's author-freedom-is-paramount tagging experiment: The canonical tag "Fanfiction" is used 910 times.

No, wait, I'm not done ranting.
"Slash": 12835 despite the fact that the plumbing on the participants in any sex acts is a top-level fic category in the archive.
"To Read": 5584
"Unread": 2036


Today I am writing the core of the subscription feature. When in need of procrastination from that, I'm adding a few tags at a time to the canned taxonomy. I am getting hard-core about tags. If something is longer than one word, I stare at it extra-hard. If it is not a Big Thing in fanfic, I stare at it hard and ask myself if it is better off being searched for rather than browsed using a tag. For example, pancakes & waffles. Despite what I said yesterday, I think those are better off searched for. Topes, on the other hand-- every darn trope needs to be a tag. If pancakes were a trope, they would be in instantly. Sadly they are not.

Mmm, pancakes.

I have a week off between jobs. I shall see how much I can get done in that week with its large blocks of uninterrupted time.
Great. Now I want pancakes, even though they don't like me very much in return. I always wind up feeling like I've got a bowling ball in my gut afterwards... but I want them. Sigh. Perhaps in revenge I will go to AO3, post a whole bunch of my back works, and come up with frustrating new tags for you to wade through. MWAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

But then, you know where I live, so that might not be such a good idea.
On the subject of tagging, two recent posts on DW that may be relevant to your interests:

I was idly looking at my SG-1 fic hit counts on AO3, as one does (boy am I behind in my archiving. I really need to get to that one of these days), and it is so clear to me once again that people read by searching for tags, even more than they read by FANDOM and by AUTHOR, which is how I read.

a poll for AO3 users about how they use tags.