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Happy Sunday

I enjoyed this comment on the anon meme about why fandom seems to ship the same thing over & over: it's because we sort of have one ship and we tend to hammer everything into the shape of that one ship.

To mix one's metaphors, there.

Anyway. Today I ask you if you have any examples of pinboard fic collections that are particularly well-tagged in your view. Awesome wording choices, thoughtful tag schemas, easy to browse structures, whatever it is that attracts your fancy. Give me some examples of good stuff!

I am trying to seed my tag database intelligently so I can guide my poor users in the right direction with tags. I continue to think that the "tags don't have spaces" choice is the right one.
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huh, interesting. i like their cookie cutter proposal for the explanation for why it's so often two white guys.

but I also subscribe to Francesca Coppa's theory that fanfiction is more a dramatic mode of storytelling than literary. The continual rehash of the same stories, same tropes, etc., fulfills performative rather than literary criteria - drama and the continual 'staging' of scenarios that function more like our enjoyment of seeing the same play staged in different places/times/settings/adaptations.