Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Really it's just an excuse for a pile of RH links

I had as a goal Sunday recording a video of some archive interaction live. I got distracted by working on the project instead. I hacked for about 12 hours Saturday and Sunday both on a ton of stuff. Have begun to split out some submodules into open-source pieces. I'll try to record something tonight when my marathon 14-hour Monday is over. ETA: Doh. Let's try for Tuesday night, I guess.

I enjoyed reading this thread about AO3 tag wrangling on the anon meme. I only have time to scan the meme about once a week these days, so I'm never around when the conversations are happening, sadly.

Had this insight a couple of weeks ago that the reason I love javascript despite its wtfuckery & ruby despite its slowth and the reason I cannot even fucking contemplate writing another single line of Java is metaprogramming.

Random music: This week in mashups! "Whole Lotta Helter Skelter"

More music: Robyn Hitchcock, "Chinese Bones", recently, also recently with Peter Buck, and originally. Aaaaah chiming Rickenbackers <3 <3 <3 Also love his bassist. Am not entirely certain I understand the Dead's cover with Suzanne Vega. But with the Dead I'm either a crazy fan of whatever Garcia is doing or I'm effing annoyed by the dual percussionists, neither of whom could find a groove to save their own asses.

In conclusion, a very young Robyn on the show of a very young Letterman. Oh, god, the passage of time.
Tags: music, project

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