dangerous 2

Lawn. Off. Umbrella shake.

Hmm. I need to write back-end support for following people and for importing data from external sources and then I think I'm done with the heavy lifting on the back end. It'll all be miserable web app & browser app work from there on. I dunno, maybe I should take a week off and deep-end on import. Haven't thought about how to do it yet.

I need a data liberation feature but not for launch.

The hard part of the upcoming work is all the pre-created tag taxonomy. I am not sure I should try doing that on my own. What I need to do is recruit a few librarians to write a tagging system for fanfiction.

If you want to know where I stand on the Controversial Issues™ of the day, it is this: no meta. Post that stuff on your blog where it belongs, not on a fic archive. And keep your feels out of the goddamn tags, kid.
Actually, the FEELS!-tagging is enough of a Thing now that you can't necessarily tell quality of fic from it alone. Because there are plenty of decent writers and some really good ones who think it's normal.
I don't envy anyone having to write a tagging system. I mean, sure, there are basic tags that can apply to anything, but it seems like there are fandom specific tags that would apply and if you're not in the fandom, you might not know about them.

Seems like a recipe for a headache!